Dr. Marc Funderlich

Dr. Marc Funderlich

Dr. Marc Funderlich is a chiropractor who does something a little different. He corrects brain and immune system dysfunction by focusing on brain development and restoration. He works not only with adults but also children. He is different from other providers in that he has extensive experience inside the chiropractic and medical world allowing him to effectively bridge the gap, provide patients with comprehensive care and much needed support. Brain development and restoration takes a comprehensive approach including: blood work, lifestyle change, physical rehabilitation, and passive therapies. Dr. Marc Funderlich takes extensive time with each patient to make sure they are not only receiving the best quality care but also education on their condition/situation. He believes the more his patients understand about their disease process, the better and faster they can improve their situation.

Dr. Funderlich’s Experiences:

  • International Speaker at the 2020 World Autoimmune Conference held in Athens Greece.
  • Pediatric specialist, teaching best practices for children with neurologic and immunologic disorders to other doctors internationally.
  • Owner of an integrative medical practice combining allopathic and chiropractic based therapies ranging from Medical Marijuana to Stem cells.
  • Brain mapping in Neurosurgery at NJ hospitals
  • Board Eligible: Functional Neurologist and Childhood Developmental Disorder Fellow
  • Certified concussion specialist
  • Managing clinician for New Jersey Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy “NJHBOT”
  • Nursing Degree (in progress)
  • Currently seeing patients in Florham Park New Jersey


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