Quality education for themselves, their families, and their practitioners

Join Us
May 21-22, 2022,
for an empowering educational weekend.

LymeBytesTM was created with the intention of bringing those affected by Lyme disease out of isolation through quality education, networking with Lyme-literate providers and businesses, and building support systems with fellow Lyme warriors. Now, more than ever, those battling Lyme disease require a robust community and outside-of-the-box thinking to effectively heal themselves and live vibrantly.

Building a Lyme Healing Community

It Starts At Home

We understand how chronic illnesses like Lyme and co-infections affect an entire family. LymeBytes was designed to be a welcoming space for patients, caregivers, and their families to learn the truth about how Lyme affects the body, and what can be done to heal from this devastating disease.

For two days, attendees will be able to learn alongside Lyme specialists, connect with Lyme-supportive businesses, and network with fellow Lyme warriors during meals and social events. Although the Symposium is full of engaging lecture content, we have included ample vendor and stretch breaks to maximize socialization and networking, and encourage all of our guests to attend our fundraising cocktail reception on Saturday evening.

This type of symposium, where patients and practitioners come together to learn in an inviting space, is an innovative way to reimagine truly collaborative and supportive healthcare, and LymeBytes is honored to be hosting the first event of this kind this year. 

Take advantage of the LymeBytesTM room block and stay the night with our discounted rate!

Learning Objectives


The LymeBytesTM 2022 curriculum is designed to give all members of the family and healthcare team a solid understanding of how Lyme disease changes normal function of the human body. This is particularly important for partners and caregivers of Lyme patients, as it can be confusing and overwhelming to see seemingly random symptoms develop in a loved one and not know what to do next. Education is empowering, and we find that families armed with education on Lyme feel more prepared and excited for the future.

In addition to a crash course on the “biology of Lyme,” our distinguished panel of speakers will present on integrative treatment. This is particularly important to Lyme families, as many have only been exposed to conventional medicine in the progression of Lyme, often without success. What attendees learn during this weekend has the possibility of changing the course of their health. We encourage all of our attendees to take the evidence-based treatments they learn about to their current healthcare teams, to find new ways forward. We also encourage our attendees to network with the practitioners they may meet during the symposium weekend, as they may become helpful wellness allies.

Resources You Need Most


Many families battling Lyme disease are burdened with the financial cost of care and loss of income. As part of LymeBytes’ mission to connect patients with essential resources, we have brought together a myriad of financial and educational opportunities, available HERE. More information will be available during the Symposium weekend in the exhibition hall.

Because it is so important to understand the laws surrounding Lyme disease–including current insurance laws and proposed legislation–LymeBytes is excited to welcome Jennifer Barrett, MBA, JD candidate, for a fascinating and inspiring presentation. We hope her knowledge and enthusiasm can bring us together to make change as a unified voice for this community.

In addition, we are pleased to announce this year’s recipient of the LymeBytes Advocacy Award! Lyme Warrior is a nationwide nonprofit providing treatment grants, research funds, Kids Smile Boxes, and peer-to-peer support groups. This incredible nonprofit has provided $52,000 in research funding, $52,000 in patient care support, and 58,000 volunteer hours to support initiatives, advocacy, and efforts to improve the future of Lyme since their inception.

Join us on Saturday, May 21, immediately following the day’s final lecture for a cocktail reception and fundraiser to honor and support this incredible movement! The 50/50 raffle will directly impact Lyme Warrior’s continued ability to fund essential research and patient care grants.

Why Mohegan Sun?

LymeBytes chose Mohegan Sun Casino as its inaugural symposium location because of its family-friendly amenities. While caregivers are attending lectures, other members of the family may enjoy the resort’s Kids Quest Arcade, luxurious pools, Mandara Spa, and fantastic dining! We envision an uplifting and inspiring weekend for the whole family, and truly hope you enjoy your stay.